Back to School Amidst A Global Pandemic

Let’s go back in time real quick. It’s early March and the class of 2020 is anxiously awaiting graduation and the move to college coming this fall, but there’s this thing — it’s called Coronavirus — that is starting to become a big deal in the United States. Next thing you know schools are closed, trips are cancelled, and events are postponed. What we didn’t realize this would be the beginning of life as we know it.

Fast forward to August. Half of us are still at home, while the other half is either being sent home by their university or counting down the days until they are kicked off of their campus. For those of us who are fortunate enough to still be semi-on campus, most events are either online or held outdoors with strict social distancing guidelines. Some people I know haven’t even been on campus this year with all their class being held online. For me, I’ve had one class moved to once a week, another held in-person one day online the next, and some classes moved solely online with assignments to complete on your own time.

There’s one more key issue that has come up time and time again: making friends. Personally, I’ve just been DMing girls on Instagram and simply asking if they’d like to hang out sometime. I know it seems scary at first, but has worked out so nicely. I have met the sweetest group of girls, and I am so glad that I reached out to one of them via DM. Another way that friends of mine have met people on their campuses is through campus organizations and study groups. This way you are connecting to people with the same interests are you.

Tips and Tricks: What To Keep In Your Bag

Hand Sanitizer: I only have two classes on campus, which are thankfully on the same day. Once I finish my class I use a dab of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and wash my hands as soon as I get home.

Wet Wipes: I also like to keep Wet Wipes in my bag. These are perfect to keep on hand to wipe down any surfaces you may touch, as well as wipe your hands in lieu of hand sanitizer.

Extra Masks: Over the past few months masks have become the accessory of the season. I like to keep a few extra masks on hand in case either myself or the person I am with forgets their mask for either class or an errand. I have a few from a boutique here in Lafayette, but I also like to keep a few blue medical masks on hand. I find they are both most effective against the virus and the most breathable material.

With that being said, please take what I am saying with a grain of salt. I am no expert on the situation and am speaking solely from personal experience and what has worked best for myself. keep in mind that this virus is nothing to joke about and is much more serious to most people realize. Remember to social distance and, as always, wear your mask.

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