Fashion Faux Pas: What It Means

The worst fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself.

Iris Apfel

There are often many misconceptions when it comes to what to wear and the “rules” surrounding the topic. Some of these mistakes can be viewed as up to interpretation. The topics discussed here are, of course, all my personal opinion, and a few of these are mistakes I have made in the past.

Eyeliner Allover

I do not typically wear eyeliner, but this is definitely something I have noticed with a lot of women. Many women believe that if they apply eyeliner all over their eyes it will make their eyes appear larger, when it actuality makes their eyes look smaller. However, this is totally different from applying a little bit of eyeliner to your waterline. If your goal is to make your eyes pop, mascara has always find the trick for me.

Undergarments Showing Through Clothes

It is way too often that one finds women walking around with their bra straps hanging out, and I cannot think of something that looks more unprofessional or trashy. If your wearing a bralette that is meant to be seen from under your tee, then go ahead. Another no-no is when you can see a panty-line through leggings or a pair of jeans. My best advice for this is really to just invest in a good thong.

Too Much Skin

During the months of spring and summer, it can be difficult to find a comfortable outfit that does not reveal nearly every inch of your body. During these months I try my best to balance out my outfits. When I say “balance out my outfits,” I mean wearing a more conservative or loser pair of shorts or skirt with a more fitted or cropped top and wearing a shorter or tighter pair of shorts or skirt with a more conservative top.

Buying Just To Buy

I’ll be the first to admit that I am certainly guilty of this feat. When you have the mind set that you need a new outfit for every occasion, you often find yourself with all these pieces over flowing in your closet, leaving you to say, “Wow! I have nothing to wear!” When shopping for a special occasion or just for everyday use, try and find pieces that can be interchangeable with each other, while also having a few statements pieces.

Designer Does Not Equal Cute

There is often a miscomcemption that just becuase something is Prada or Gucci or Louis Vuitton automatically makes it cute. Let’s be honest. This is not true. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Gucci Flashtrek sneaker and Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons.) What makes something cute or fashionable is the sleekness of the piece and how it looks overall. Invest in designer pieces. I won’t stop you. But when doing so find pieces that you can use for years to come and not just until the next season.

Trying Too Hard

This is definitely a more controversial topic. Everyone is guilty of trying so hard to make a style look right when it really does not suit their body type; I know I am. It is also very easy to tell when a style or piece of your outfit isn’t really “you.” Take some time and try not to conform to what people say you should wear. If a style looks good on you, wear it! If a style doesn’t look good on you, trash it! The last thing anyone wants to do is go out looking like all they want is to dress like everyone else. The best advice I can possibly give to you is to dress for you!

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  1. Well said my Piper 😘


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