A Womans ​Right to Shoes

Over the past few weeks, I’ve begun to sit myself down and started cleaning out my closet. During this process, I’ve looked at my shoe rack and put together a list of shoes that can become some of the best footwear investments.

Nude Heels

Nude heels should be a staple in every wardrobe. The nude color goes with literally anything you will wear and is not as harsh on some outfits as other colors will be. When wearing white or another lighter hue, it is better to wear a nude colored heel because black could draw too much of a contrast to the lighter tones. Another upside of nude is that if you are a shorter gal, much like me, it will not cut you off and make you look shorter like other colors will. Nude is also much easier to center your outfit around.

Black Heels

The black heel is another staple, but it is much different than its nude counterpart. Black is a great option to have when going out or to wear with outfits that feature pieces of a darker hue.

Pointed-toe Heels

A pointed-toe heel is perfect for the colder months and is great for special occasions. The point of the toe elongates your legs and gives an even greater opportunity to work those angles.


Slides are perfect for when you need a cute sandal but a heel is the last thing you want to deal with. A pair of slides does not have to be over the top, nor does it have to be expensive. Ther are perfect for those summer beach trips and walking around town.

White Sneakers

If I am ever going out of town and can only fit one pair of shoes in my suitcase, my white sneakers are my go-to’s. They go with practically any outfit and are perfect for dressing down your favorite sundress. This is another piece that you can easily center almost any outfit around.


You know that song that goes, “these boots are made for walking?” Well that’s how I feel when I get a new pair of boots. Every girl needs some tall boots and a pair of booties to spice up a mini skirt or some denim. I love my tall boots because they’re great for those colder nights, but my short boots can work with nearly any outfit.

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